" The most spectacular one-man band on the planet"
- Guitar Magazin (Germany)
" How the feck he does all that (...) we have no idea, but you should definitely check him out"
- Classic Rock
" Steve Hill's rise can only be described as stratospheric!"
- Manchester Rock
" When it comes to one-man guitarist and singer extraordinaire, Steve Hill appears to have no limits."
- Guitar Interactive
" Steve Hill is an overnight sensation, twenty years in the making."
- Blues Matters
" The one-man band style has made Steve Hill the top star on the Canadian blues scene right now ..."
- Bob Mersereau, CBC
" Steve Hill has a distinctly old-school blues sound with a fresh contemporary twist and it is most certainly refreshing to see."
- National Rock Review
" If you love Blues-based rock and you've never heard of Steve Hill, I guarantee you will become a fan after you hear his music."
- Dedicated Rocker
" Steve Hill deserves to be known and acclaimed worldwide."
- Metal Discovery, 9/10
" This is unfeigned, unadulterated, blues-rock excitement with enough skilled flick and tuck to suggest a lifetime of brilliance and dexterity."
- Raw Ramp
" We've seen some multi-tasking set-ups in our time but one-man Canadian Blues rock band, Steve Hill, raised even Total Guitar's eyebrows."
- Total Guitar Magazine
" Hill's strength is with the punchy innovation of his assertive electric guitar playing."
- R'N'R Magazine