" At this point, it's practically impossible to add anything new to the blues. But you can still wring a new tear out of the good ol' twelve-bar onion by adding something even older than the blues — Indian classical music ... Manx's mix of folksy Americana and trance-inducing traditional ragas truly pushes the boundaries of a genre long thought past innovation."
- East Bay Express
" Manx's real skill lays in creating a rare musical place where blues, country, folk and Indian classical music co-exist as some spirit force."
- Downbeat Magazine
" Watching Harry play tonight I feel like I learned something new..."
- Bruce Springsteen (after seeing Harry perform "I'm On Fire" at the International Guitar Festival in NYC)
" A modern day troubadour, Canadian-born Manx sings with an intimate, quiet warmth that makes his shows mesmerizing. The subtle interplay between the haunting notes of the sitar and the gentle, rhythmic groove of the blues gives his songs a beautiful sensuality that defies comparison."
- Eugene Weekly
" Canada's most versatile and expressive blues player"
- Billboard Magazine
" Canadian guitarist Harry Manx knows his instrument the way most men know their television remote controls."
- Time Out, New York City
" Like a lot of top singer songwriters Harry projects an intimacy and old friend quality from artist to listener ..."
- Blues Matters!
" While most musicians are content to work within the accepted boundaries of their chosen style, lap-slide guitarist Harry Manx likes to colour way outside the lines. His crayons? Soulful, raspy vocals, poetic lyrics, and the whining drones and mysterious melisma of Indian music ... Manx conjures songs that are as bewitching as they are unique."
- Guitar Player Magazine
" Harry Manx is the master of your chilled-out oriental vibe, thanks to his proficiency on instruments like the mohan veena; and that smoky voice of his is akin to getting a relaxing massage without skin contact."
- JazzReview.com
" Canadian guitarist and singer-songwriter Harry Manx is an artist that critics have occasionally had a hard time getting their minds around. His unique amalgam of blues and other American roots music, classical Indian forms, and bits of rock, pop, and folk makes him difficult to pigeonhole, and self-appointed gatekeepers of those traditions sometimes bemoan his lack of purity, stubbornly missing the point. But Manx's trip is really quite easy to grasp: He's an accomplished and adventurous lap-slide guitarist — whether playing a National resonator, a solidbody lap-steel, a modified banjo or cigar-box guitar, or his signature 20-string Mohan Veena — and a compelling singer with a rich, warm, and soulful voice who writes intelligent and compassionate songs and puts them over with heartfelt conviction."
- Guitar Player